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THE NEXT BITE crew explores ALL of North America in search of Walleye, Muskie, Pike, Smallmouth Bass and MORE!  In this adventurous, educational based outdoor series, champion tournament anglers GARY PARSONS, CHASE PARSONS, KOREY SPRENGEL, JOHN HOYER, TOM KEMOS and JASON PRZEKURAT explain the finer details of how to get the most out of the latest tackle, electronics and boating offerings to increase your fishing odds.  From open water to ice fishing, including Great Lakes to small inland lakes and rivers…you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the passenger seat, while garnering the knowledge to upgrade your fishing game with innovative and classic techniques to help you get your, “NEXT BITE!” >

9 hours ago
What do you think? One more snow storm for good measure? TheNextBiteTV photo
1 day ago
Korey is going to the Angler of the Year repeat in 2021! Where would you like to see Korey shoot a TV Show? TheNextBiteTV photo
2 days ago
It won't be long and all of the lakes will be open. Is your boat ready to go? We know that Tom Kemos is chomping at the bit to get on the water. TheNextBiteTV photo
3 days ago
More tournaments this year means more opportunities to bring big fish to the scales. First tournament of the year is at the end of April in South Dakota.

#Mercury #BassProShops #NitroNation
TheNextBiteTV photo
5 days ago
You don't want to be in the back of the boat fishing behind this vacuum. There won't be any fish left to catch after Jason goes through an area. TheNextBiteTV photo
6 days ago
Where is Chase fishing this morning? Nothing better than a daybreak boat launch. TheNextBiteTV photo


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