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THE NEXT BITE crew explores ALL of North America in search of Walleye, Muskie, Pike, Smallmouth Bass and MORE!  In this adventurous, educational based outdoor series, champion tournament anglers GARY PARSONS, CHASE PARSONS, KOREY SPRENGEL, JOHN HOYER, TOM KEMOS and JASON PRZEKURAT explain the finer details of how to get the most out of the latest tackle, electronics and boating offerings to increase your fishing odds.  From open water to ice fishing, including Great Lakes to small inland lakes and rivers…you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the passenger seat, while garnering the knowledge to upgrade your fishing game with innovative and classic techniques to help you get your, “NEXT BITE!” >

John Hoyer is explaining the one, two punch. John and Kyle will show you how they are working together using the Lowrance Active Target to catch these Mille Lacs walleyes. Who else has Lowrance Active Target, and has it helped you understand the behaviors of fish? #thenextbite TheNextBiteTV photo
Check out the 4th Episode next weekend 1/22/22 @ 6:30 A.M. CST on the Discovery Channel. John Hoyer and good friend Kyle Minke are in search of BIG walleyes on deep water drop-offs using Lowrance Active Target. They will show you advanced new techniques for catching walleyes!
Korey Sprengel is hooked up right now on the Discovery Channel. Catch the third show, season 18 of The Next Bite starting at 6:30 AM CST.
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When Korey Sprengel is fishing by himself, why does he fish with all three boards on the same side of the boat? Find out tomorrow on the Discovery Channel at 6:30 AM CST.
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One good thing about spinner fishing is depth control. Korey will show you this Saturday on the Discovery Channel how easy it is to pull spinners over the top of boulders, weeds, and fishing steep break lines. The rewards can be big.
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Korey Sprengel is looking for certain underwater structure when spinner fishing on the Great Lakes. What do you think his favorite structure to fish is, rocks, steep banks, weeds? Find out this Saturday on the Discovery Channel.
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