Korey Talks About all the Key Features to the Berkley Money Badger

Keith Kavajecz Shows Off the NEW Berkley Deep Hit Stick

The NEW Berkley Power Switch

The NEW Berkley Money Badger on the Mississippi River

The NEW Berkley GULP! Spinner Rig Crawler

The Update on Berkley Fireline

NEW Berkley GULP! Minnow Colors

Berkley Champ Swimmer New Colors and Sizes

NEW Berkley Spinner Crawler

Berkley Fishings Dan Spengler introduces the Berkley Money Badger

Berkley Champ Swimmer Cadence in the Weeds

Gary Parsons Explains The Berkley Hit Stick

Gary Parsons Talks about Berkley Hair Jigs

Berkley Swimbaits for Walleyes

Showing off the New Berkley Hit Stick

Berkley Snap Jigs and Champ Swimmers for BIG Walleyes

How to fish a Berkley Snap Jig

Gary Parsons explains the Design of the NEW Berkley Hit Stick

The Reason behind the NEW Berkley Fire Tail Colors

Berkleys Flicker Family of Crank Baits

Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 Carriers Attributes for Walleye Fishing

Explaining Why Berkley Fusion 19 Hooks put more Fish in the Boat

Keith Kavajecz shows the NEW Berkley Shallow Flicker Shad

NEW Berkley Jointed Flicker Shads

Trent Eineichner Talks Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier and the Important Attributes for a River

Casting with Berkley Pro Grub-FALL/Late summer

Pro Tip: Berkley Snap Jigs

Lake Erie Berkley Flicker Minnow Colors

Berkley Metered Fireline

Berkley Flicker Minnows

Dale Stroschien Berkley Gulp Minnows

Berkley RippleShad in Cold Water

Will the slow death technique work with berkley power bait?

When do you decide between live bait (minnows) and berkley gulp minnows?

Fishing Tip – Berkley Flicker Rig S12E10

Fishing Tip – Berkley Pro Series S12E05

Fishing Tip – Berkley Flicker Minnows S12E04

Fishing Tip – Fishing Berkley Crawler Baits for more Walleyes S11E07

Fishing Tip – Using Berkley Nanofil for Extreme Jigging S11E12

Fishing Tip – The Advantages of Berkley FireLine S11E05

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