Mercury Pro Guide

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Use Your Mercury Smart Craft Gauge to Watch Fuel Usage

Korey Sprengel explains how to use your Mercury Smart Craft Gauge to monitor fuel usage

The Different Ways to Rig a Mercury Pro Kicker and Why

Korey Sprengel explains why he chooses to have the controls for his kicker at the helm rather than a tiller handle.

The Mercury 400 Verado on the back of a Nitro ZV21

Keith explains why all of that power is so important for handling big water and big waves

How to Increase the Performance of your Boat and Mercury Engine by Switching Props

Chase Parsons explains different props and how they will affect the performance of your boat.

Mercury Marine Repower Program and Why It’s Helpful

Gary Parsons explains how he rigged his small lakes boat and why the Mercury Repower Rebate is so important.

Mercury Pro XS Overview and Highlights

Chase Parsons give quick overview of Mercury Pro XS boat motor

Keith Kavajecz Explains Choosing the Right Mercury Props

Keith Kavajecz explains what to all think about before choosing your next prop.

How to Keep your Boat and Motor Spotless and Shiny

Chase Parsons shows how to apply Mercury all in one spotless shine spray.

Mercury Marines NEW DTS Throttle #mercurymarine #garyparsons

Gary Parsons explain exactly what the DTS System is and what it does for you as a boater.

Mercury Marine 400 Verado Paired with the Nitro ZV21

Keith explains why he is in love with the Mercury 400 Verado

Try Using Your Kicker Motor and Trolling Motor For Even More Boat Control

Quick tip on: How to get more boat control while trolling in heavy winds. #Fishing #TheNextBite #FishingTips #BigFish #HowToFish

Mercury 9 9 EFI Pro Kicker

Quick tip on: The New EFI 9.9 pro kicker. #Fishing #TheNextBite #FishingTips #BigFish #HowToFish

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