The Next Bite Team

Gary Parsons
Executive Producer & "The Next Bite" Series Host
Gary Parsons, of Glidden, WI, is a professional walleye fisherman, specializing in tournament fishing and walleye fishing promotions. Gary is a “Legendary Angler” inductee into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and one of the co-hosts of the popular The Next Bite TV show (now in its 14th season on air), airing on CBS Sports Network, WFN and Destination America networks. MORE BIO
Chase Parsons
"The Next Bite" Series Co-Host
As a professional walleye tournament angler, Chase has made an impressive imprint on the fishing industry throughout his career. Throughout his long career, Chase has been involved with many national television and commercial spots for several powerful fishing companies. He works extensively with sponsors in many aspects of the fishing industry

Korey Sprengel
"The Next Bite" Series Co-Host

Korey Sprengel is a full time professional walleye fisherman from Beaver Dam, WI. He loves fishing tournaments because it pushes him to think outside of the box for new and different ways to catch more and bigger fish. Korey has been fishing competitive walleye events since 2008 and has accumulated an unprecedented amount of titles along the way. When not on the water Korey he heavily involved with his sponsors testing, developing new products, speaking, guiding, promoting and teaching the sport of fishing.  MORE BIO

Jason Przekurat
"The Next Bite" Series Co-Host

Jason  Przekurat “Shuh-Ker-Rit” grew up fishing the Wisconsin River at a very  young age.  Little did he know that those early days, honing his skills,  would now pay off into achieving a fishing resume that many would only  dream about. Since  1995, when Przekurat started his tournament career, he took it upon  himself to become a student of the game.  He says that everyday on the  water is a learning experience.  MORE BIO

Tommy Kemos
"The Next Bite" Series Co-Host

Tommy Kemos got his start in the sport at a young age where he developed his passion for fishing growing up on the shores of Pewaukee Lake.  That passion quickly turned into a competitive fire, as he began fishing in Muskie, Carp, and Bass tournaments. he eventually shifted to walleyes and quickly became known as one of the best anglers on the planet in that avenue. Tommy specifically enjoys every aspect of R&D with fishing companies, with the end goal of fellow anglers enjoying more success on the water.  MORE BIO

Jake Flaa
Director of Photography
I grew up in Bemidji, MN with ample hunting and fishing opportunities always placed right in front of me. Through high school I did a lot of video work in our video production class. After graduating high school in 2010 I did one semester at BSU with my eyes set on Civil Engineering as my major but it was not the place for me. I started to video my own adventures with others and promote myself and my abilities in the outdoor industry

Jeremy Hinkemeyer
Creative Director
My name is Jeremy Hinkemeyer. I grew up in St Cloud, MN most of my life. At a young age I was HOOKed on fishing. I spent many hours on the dock and on the river edge as a kid. Later in life I went to college for Computer Animation/Graphic Design where I got my degree and have been doing graphic work ever since. My dream as a designer was to always put my work into the outdoors somehow. After college I got offered a position at Intermedia Outdoors working on several shows

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