The Next Bite is a unique team of professionals that share a collaborative commitment to providing high quality digital media services. The Next Bite features joint experts in both the professional fishing industry as well as the digital cinema production industry. "The Next Bite is bringing 8K workflow to the outdoor industry. That’s 4x more resolution than 4K and 17x more resolution than 1080p. Harnessing the power of advanced color science, we strive to create the most detailed and natural images imaginable- for you."

Featured Production Services:


  • - Interactive Media

  • - Hand-Drawn Animation

  • - 2D/3D Modeling and Animation

  • - Commercial, Television, Internet and Product Video Editing

    Working with our clients, throughout the entire production process, is very important to us.

    Click here to see our step by step creative process

    The Next Bite was featured at FCP.co for their quality and innovative workflow pioneering long format television editing, using Final Cut Pro X. Check out the interview HERE!


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