When should I set tip-ups, and when should I concentrate on jigging for walleyes?

How Do I Be Efficient When Night Fishing For Muskies?

How Do I Rig Tip-Ups for Walleyes

Why use a Drift Paddle for Open Water Trolling?

What’s the best way to connect leadcore line to leaders and backing?

How do I use weights with Slow Death Hooks?

I am new to trolling and in need of tips with line, boards, dipsy and lures.

When do you use colorado versus other types of crawler harness blades?

Is using split-shot weights normally the standard in trolling crawler harnesses?

What does leadcore line do that you can’t achieve with weights and regular line?

With lead core is it best to run all lead on the reel or splice it in?

I have some questions about trolling crawler harnesses.

How do you approach prefishing for a tournament on a reservoir, oahe or sakakawea,for instance?

What size and action rod do you suggest to use for planerboards?

What do you do if the contour you are trying to troll has the wind is crossing it?

Is there a way to effectively troll when covering various depths?

What is the best way to successfully fish walleyes on a large river system?

Fishing line shelf life?

What characteristics make a good spinning rod and reel outfit for walleye fishing?

How does barometric pressure effect walleye fishing?

What are the best baitcasting outfits for walleye fishing?

What water temperature is best for catching walleyes, and what tactics work at those temps?

What would be a good trolling rod and reel combo for catching both walleye and salmon?

So what’s the scoop on holographic colors for spinner blades?

How to get shallow running lures deeper in a river?

How do I slow down my 40 hp motor to troll for walleyes?


How early in the spring can I start night fishing for walleyes?

What features to look for in a sonar/gps combo unit?

How do I calibrate my line counter reels to be consistent?

What action rod should I use for trolling walleyes?

Can bottom bouncer rigs and slip sinker rigs be trolled on boards?

What colors are best for walleyes and pike in stained water?

How much line do I let out for shallow cranks?

What’s the best jigging line for deep, clear water?

Is it better to troll shallow cranks with weight, or use deep divers?

What colors work best in a gin clear lake?

How fast can you troll for muskies?

Will my heavy action bass tackle work for muskie fishing?


What baits typically catch muskies in the heat of the day?

How do I tune my muskie lures?

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