How do I tune my muskie lures?

In both cases, you want to go to the “opposite” side that the lure is running to. With the Suick, bend the other way. But, when it comes to added weight, things may be a little off, and bending the eye likely won’t compensate. On the Burt, you can bend the eye the opposite way and shave (just a little at a time … try it … then take more if you need) the opposite side. Shave just the very front part, from the tip of the nose up a third of the way. Also, check to make certain the tail is lined-up properly. It should be inserted evenly, and the seams on the tail should line up with those on the hard body portion of the lure. If not, cut around the edge, straighten and re-glue. Or, get a new tail and glue it in straight. Any super glue will work, but Carlson Tackle’s Fishing Glue works best.