How Do I Be Efficient When Night Fishing For Muskies?

Night fishing for Muskie is really no different than daytime, but a few little things in preparation make for efficiency. It’s a good idea to put away all Muskie by Moonlightlures that may be laying around, since they’re hard to avoid in the dark. Have only the lures you intend to use out and I like to have these pre-rigged on separate rod and reel combos.

Make certain there is a headlamp for every angler. Hands free lighting is a must to handle simple tasks like freeing weeds, handling backlashes and landing fish. Put strips of glow tape on all hard-bodied plugs and strips on bucktail blades or around the shaft. Charge these every fifteen minutes or so-so you can see lures as they approach the boat and do good figure eights or “O’s”.

Know exactly where release tools and landing devices are. It’s a good idea to put the boat landing on your GPS too. It’s easier to get lost in the dark than you think!

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