Why is Correct Lowrance Puck Placement So Important ?

How Do I Be Efficient When Night Fishing For Muskies?

Keith Showing Off Motorguide Xi5 Pinpoint GPS Abilities

What do you use to log your fishing information?

What are some keys to finding baitfish and what are the minimum requirements in a new fish finder?

What is the best speed indicator I can put on my boat for trolling?


Electronics are Tools for Better Fishing

Fishing Tip – MotorGuide Anchoring and Jogging S11E05

Fishing Tip – Using the MotorGuide Xi5’s Heading Lock Feature S11E08

Keith Kavajecz with the MotorGuide Xi-5 – On The Road Update


Scanning New Horizons

History Lessons

“New Wave” Fish Finding Tactics on Ice

Navionics Hot Maps – The Next Bite – Season 5

Different GPS Units – The Next Bite – Site Bites – Season 4

Using an Underwater Camera – The Next Bite – Season 4

Walleyes in Transition

High Seas Walleyes

Easy Does It

Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz

Finding Walleyes on New Water

Early Season Game Plan

Man Your Fishing Stations


Head South for More Walleyes

Hot Tactics for Icing Monster Walleyes

Hi-Tech Sonar and Its Uses

Trophy Walleye Trip Planner

Ice Fishing Preparation

Beathing the Heat for Big Summer Walleyes

The Hunt is On for Mid Ice Walleyes

Saving the Best for Last

Working Over Summer Walleyes

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