Electronics are Tools for Better Fishing

If you‰’re going to get serious about competing against a finely evolved predatory animal like a walleye, you are going to need to invest in some capable electronics. Sonar and GPS have become invaluable tools to anglers on the front lines of this angling competition. Remember, your playing field is the fish‰’s home. He knows every contour, every boulder, stump and weed bed. He knows what school of baitfish will be hanging off his favorite point and at what time of day they‰’ll be there. He knows everything about his home waters that you don‰’t. That‰’s why you need good electronics. So you can see into his world. You‰’ll want to equip yourself with good sonar and learn how to use it. Same goes for a GPS, to help you navigate, mark key spots and help you track fish movements and locations. State-of-the-art features in fish finding like Lowrance‰’s StructureScan can go a long way to making this part of the game even more productive for you. In today’s “walleye game”, you need these tools to be competitive against the fish.

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