Trolling Walleyes 101

Own the Transition

Bottom Bouncers, Old and New

Find the flow, find the walleyes

Trolling Drives Jigging

Shallow Cranking

Spawn Time March Madness

A Sobering Warning About the Sun

Weeding Out Walleyes


Watch the Weather to Predict a Better Bite

Total Solutions – Slow Fall is Deadly Too


Power-Pole Boat Control


Electronics are Tools for Better Fishing

Contour Trolling for Post Spawn Walleyes

Vertical Jigging in Still Waters

Spooning for Shallow Water Walleyes

Planer Board Rigging

Pin-pointing Early Season Walleyes

Choose the Right Line for Finesse Ice Fishing

Contour Trolling Walleyes with Lead Core

Total Solutions – Targeting Big Fall River Walleyes


Try “S” Turns for Walleye Trolling

Jig Trolling for Finicky Fall Walleyes

Chub Rigging for Deep Summer Walleyes

Choosing the Right Walleye Jigging Line

Casting for Reef Walleyes

Spool Up New Line for the New Season

Off-Season Crankbait Maintenance


Cover Water and Catch Walleyes by Jig Trolling

Pitching Jigs and GULP! on Fall Rivers

Bottom Bouncer Rigging

Vertical Jigging Winter Walleyes and Saugers in Rivers

Walleye Angling’s “Must Haves”

Dam Fine Fishing


Crankin’ for River Walleyes

Cranking Structure for Summer Walleyes

Drop-Shotting for Walleyes

Bottom Bouncers and Spinners

Open Water Spinners

Fire-Lining Raps

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