Choosing the Right Walleye Jigging Line

With so many choices in fishing lines these days, it can be very tough for an angler to know which type to use. A lot depends on your level of fishing experience. For the ‰novice‰ angler, Berkley FireLine is by far the best choice because it has no stretch and therefore is highly sensitive. It‰’s easier to detect bites, identify the feeling of a live fish versus a weed, and sense every little thing that your jig is crawling over as it bumps its way along the bottom. Beginners often hesitate as to whether they should set the hook, or not. FireLine compensates for this hesitation, resulting in more hooked fish.

For the more ‰intermediate‰ fishermen, Trilene Sensation is a very low stretch monofilament. Most feel is retained, like with FireLine, however, there is some stretch and jigs, rigs or other baits are not so easily pulled away from fish with quick hook sets. Most fishermen will never need another line, Sensation will be perfect.

Another low-stretch line that is especially good in ultra-clear water is Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. With a light index very similar to that of water, this line virtually disappears underwater, plus this line is low-stretch for sensitivity and very strong.