The Proper Rod, Reel, and Line Combo for Casting Crankbaits.

The Update on Berkley Fireline

Rod Set Up for Live Minnows in Cold Water

Use a Extra Soft Rod Tip for Vertical Jigging

Jigging VS Casting Equipment and Rod Choice

When Santa Calls for Tips

Trolling for Huge Lake Trout Using the Precision Trolling Data App

The Versatile Swimbait

Trolling Equipment for Finding Sauger in Wicked Rocks

Lead Core Feel

What equipment to use for Shivering Lake Trout

Finally, It is Shiver Time

Get In On The Walleye Action

Keith Kavajecz shows the NEW Berkley Shallow Flicker Shad

Bottom Bouncers, Old and New

Trent Eineichner Talks Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier and the Important Attributes for a River

Keith Kavajecz Jig Set for Walleye Fishing

Berkley Metered Fireline

Fishing Tip: Connecting Main Line to Leader

Mark Courts Fireline and Trilene

What’s the best way to connect leadcore line to leaders and backing?

I am new to trolling and in need of tips with line, boards, dipsy and lures.

Fishing line shelf life?

What action rod should I use for trolling walleyes?

What’s the best jigging line for deep, clear water?

How much weight does it take to get cranks down deep?

Does leadcore line have applications on shallow basin lakes like winnebago in wisconsin?

How much mono backing do I use before filling my reels with fireline for trolling?

For vertical jigging what is the best weight to use?

Need help catching lake erie summer walleyes.

Should I use mono or fireline for pulling bouncers over rocks?

Do you segment the leadcore for open water trolling?

Do I load a backing onto the reel before I load the lead core?

Is mono or fireline better when deadsticking?

What line (mono vs no stretch) do you prefer to use pulling typical bottom bouncer presentation?

How do we jig without getting snagged?

What do I do to keep my fireline from spinning on my reel spool?

What size and color of fireline is best for jigging in rivers?

What advice would you give to become better at trolling?

What are the advantages of using lead core line?

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