Need help catching lake erie summer walleyes.

One of our best set-ups out east is to run the big Deep Thunderstick on 10-4 Fireline. You have to run it back about 350 feet, but if you do that it dives to nearly 40 feet. With 6-2 Fireline we hit the 45 foot mark.

By the way, when we fished at Dunkirk New York (2001), the new Deep Thundersticks produced better than the Old Deep Thundersticks. Lots of people have been complaining about the new lures, just remember, every type and size of lure throws off a different vibration to attract the fish – for the Eastern Basin it seems like the “New” vibration is better.

As far as currents, we always troll with the wind, which is almost always with the current. Trolling with the current will also get your baits deeper.

For leadcore, 18# is what you want – for out there I would probably use 3 colors of segmented (might want to see our article on leadcore if you don’t know how to rig that up).

Hope that helps

Good Walleye Fishing

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