What does leadcore line do that you can’t achieve with weights and regular line?


First of all, you use of Snap Weights is an excellent choice for getting baits down deeper. The nice thing about that set up is that you don’t have to dedicate reels to leadcore – and even more reels if you want to have several spliced set ups.

The big advantage of leadcore is that is gives you a more direct line to the bait. That is, there are no angles created as there is when you attach a snap weight. When the fish bites, it immediately is putting pressure on the fish to set the hook. With a Snap Weight, the angle must first be taken up (a short time when the fish could open it’s mouth) and then when full pressure is put on the bait could pull out. So, you don’t loose many fish – but you might loose some.

Another thing to consider is that in wavy conditions, the boat (and boards) surging can put action on the bait if you are using lead core. The snap weight setup puts action on the weight but there is little action imparted on the bait (again because of the angle on the line). Some days this “surging” action can be good – on other days it can be bad. So leadcore just gives a different look.

Last, and it’s not a big deal – but I can let out and pull in lead core faster. As a tournament angler – seconds turn into minutes turn into hours of extra running time by saving time here and there.

But in summary – continue to use your Snap Weight setup – it is very economical – very adaptable – and will get your baits down to where they will get bit.

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