Adjust your Speed When Trolling for Walleyes in the Fall

Try Adding Off Shore Tackle Clips on Your Planner Board

Try using Some S Turns to Mix up Your Trolling Pattern

August Great Time to Open Water Trolling for Walleyes

Try these Lake Superior Deep Trolling Crankbaits

Try adding a Little Night Crawler piece On Your Crankbait.

Does the bottom of Fishing Lures Matter?

Crawler Harness Components

Different Line Types for Salmon

Different Options for Salmon Baits

This is the BEST Open Water Spinner Rig Set Up

The Right Choice for Trolling Equipment on the Missouri River

Use the Power-Pole Drift Paddle to Help Surging in Big Waves

How to Use Your Boat Speed when Using Inline Weights

Equipment and Line Spread to Find Walleyes

Spinner rigs options and tackle

How to choose best weight while Spinner fishing for Walleyes

When to Pull Spinners In Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

Using Active Target while Pulling Slow Death

Spinner Fishing Basics: Picking a Spinner Style and Color

Korey Sprengel Lowrance Set Up for Trolling

Fishing Lines for Trolling Crankbaits

Using Lowrance Side Imaging while Trolling

Lowrance Sidescan for Muskies

Lake Vermillion Fall Muskie Locations

Try Using Your Kicker Motor and Trolling Motor For Even More Boat Control

Fall Trolling Muskie Baits

Tuning Muskie Trolling Baits

Tommy Kemos goes over Precision Trolling Data

Gary Parsons talks about PowerPole Charge

Gary Parsons Explains The Berkley Hit Stick

Showing off the New Berkley Hit Stick

Night Time Current Trolling for Walleye Tips

How to Choose the Correct Crank Bait for Walleyes

How to Spread Lines while Trolling Lead Core Line

The Setup you need to Troll Lead Core

Whats the Importance of Keeping your Baits Close to the Bottom?

Quick Easy Way to Increase Fish Bite while Trolling.

Using Lowrance Side Scan While Trolling for Lake of the Woods Walleyes

Trolling Bass Baits and Swimbaits for Lake of the Woods Walleyes

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