With lead core is it best to run all lead on the reel or splice it in?


That depends…

If you are planning on structure trolling, often we just run all lead on the reel (with a leader of course to connect to the lure). To get spread we use long rods in rod holders.

If you are going to be fishing suspended fish – and know the depth you need to get to – then we splice in the lead core (backing of mono, leadcore, leader). This allows you to let out the leader and lead then attach a board to the mono backing. The boards will run better not connecting lead right to it.

Now, the exception to this is when I go to a new area and don’t know how much lead I will need to get to the depths the fish are biting at. In this case I use all lead on the reel and actually hook up lead core line to the board to try to figure out how much is needed. You will need a good board like the Off Shore Tackle Side Planers to stay upright with leadcore directly attached. Once you figure out how much leadcore is needed – then you can rig up spliced set ups.

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