Size Matters for Crankbaits

Back to Basics: Planer Boards

Flicker Minnows in Cold Water

Offshore Planer Board Tattle Flag System

Trolling in Cold Water

Short Lead Planer Board Control

I am new to trolling and in need of tips with line, boards, dipsy and lures.

With lead core is it best to run all lead on the reel or splice it in?

What’s the best procedure for deploying a trolling set-up when using a weighting system and boards?

Planer Board Rigging


Vacation Time Walleyes

When the Plan Comes Together

Weighing Your Options for Better Walleye Fishing

Leadsled Crankbaits

Making a List

Fall Walleyes on Big Waters

Getting in Line

Fishing for Fastballs


Developing Open Water Walleye Patterns – The Next Bite – The Real Deal – Season 3

By the Light of the Moon

Reading the Cards

Business Plans for Summer Walleyes

Easy Does It

Rigging the Perfect Trolling Board

Troller’s Check List!


Fishing Extreme for Huge Walleyes

The Ins and Outs of Boards

Putting A Spin On Open Water Walleyes

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