Does leadcore line have applications on shallow basin lakes like winnebago in wisconsin?

In response to using Leadcore on Winnebago – we use it, but not all the time. Winnebago as you know is very shallow – deepest is 18 feet. According to the Precision Trolling Data app, many lures like #9 and #11 Flicker Minnows and #9 Flicker Shads can dive to 18 feet by letting out the right amount of line. Other lures like the #7 Flicker Minnow can dive deep enough by using 10-4 Fireline. But there are a set of lures – mainly stick baits or small diving lures (e.g. #5,6,7 Flicker Shads) that need help – that’s where lead comes to play.

Leadcore is used to pull baits down to depths they can’t dive themselves. For Winnebago, since you only need to gain an extra 10 to 12 feet (even stick baits dive to 6 to 8 feet), one or 2 colors of segmented leadcore will get any lure down to the bottom (assuming you are trolling at 2mph or less). If you want to troll faster, you might need 3 colors.

For Winnebago I use segmented lead. That means there is a 50 foot leader of monofilament, usually 10# Trilene XT, tied to 1, 2, or 3 colors of lead, and then 300 foot of backing – 10# Fireline. The reason I want to use segmented lead is that I use the Offshore Inline Side Planer boards to spread lures (in Wisconsin each angler can fish 3 lines). The boards run much better if attached to the backing instead of attaching the heavy lead core line. So I let out my leader, let out the lead core, and the put out enough backing to get the lure to the depth I want, attach the board and let it out to the side.

One note. Only use the above system if the fish are deep. On Winnebago (and many other lakes) in the summer the active fish suspend. When that happens you don’t want to be on the bottom, you want to fish at the level the fish are – or slightly higher. Lots of years a Flicker Shad fished 10 to 15 feet behind the board is a great setup.

Leadcore is just one of the tools you can use to achieve good “depth control”. Learn to use it, learn when to use it and you will be a better walleye fisherman!

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