Try these Lake Superior Deep Trolling Crankbaits

Progress your Crankbait Aggression as the Fishing Seasons Change

The Reason behind the NEW Berkley Fire Tail Colors

Walleyes, Rivers, and Big Smiles! Find em, Catch em!

Choosing Crankbait Colors and Sizes

Tips on Tipping Crawlers on Cranksbaits to Catch More Fish

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Using a Flatline Trolling Rod

Figuring Out How to Get Crankbaits to Troll the Same Depth

Trolling for Huge Lake Trout Using the Precision Trolling Data App

Trolling Equipment for Finding Sauger in Wicked Rocks

Berkleys Flicker Family of Crank Baits

Structured Success!

How to use the Off Shore Tackle Company Crank Bait Tuner

Trolling Drives Jigging

Spawn Time March Madness

Warm Water Walleyes

Lake Erie Berkley Flicker Minnow Colors

MotorGuide Heading Lock for Trolling

Berkley Flicker Minnows

Flicker Minnows in Cold Water

How does barometric pressure effect walleye fishing?

What water temperature is best for catching walleyes, and what tactics work at those temps?

Is it better to troll shallow cranks with weight, or use deep divers?

Does leadcore line have applications on shallow basin lakes like winnebago in wisconsin?

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