The Right Choice for Trolling Equipment on the Missouri River

Fishing Lines for Trolling Crankbaits

The Versatile Swimbait

Trolling for Fall Lake Trout

Size Matters for Crankbaits

Structured Success!

Get In On The Walleye Action

Keith Kavajecz shows the NEW Berkley Shallow Flicker Shad

Bottom Bouncers, Old and New

How to Utilize Precision Trolling Data

Mark Courts Fireline and Trilene

I am new to trolling and in need of tips with line, boards, dipsy and lures.

Fishing line shelf life?

What action rod should I use for trolling walleyes?

How much line do I let out for shallow cranks?

How much weight does it take to get cranks down deep?

Does leadcore line have applications on shallow basin lakes like winnebago in wisconsin?

How much mono backing do I use before filling my reels with fireline for trolling?

Are fluorocarbon lines better protection against zebra muscles?

Do you segment the leadcore for open water trolling?

Do I load a backing onto the reel before I load the lead core?

I just got my first boat – where do I go from here to start catching walleyes?

What are the advantages of using lead core line?

What line for trolling walleyes?

Understanding Walleye Trolling Lines

Gary Parsons Talks Berkley Trilene Fishing Lines – The Next Bite Season #9 – 904RD

The Berkley Flicker Shad Featuring Parsons and Kavajecz

Walleye Angling’s “Must Haves”

Trolling With Feeling

Shallow Water Spinner Trolling

Counting on Consistency: Line Counter Reels and Walleye Fishing

A New Spin on Rigging for Walleyes – Slow Death Rigging

Troller’s Check List!


Night Time is the Right Time For Walleyes

Who’s Line, What Line, Which the Heck is My Line?

Understanding Suspended Walleyes

Don’t Fear Speed


Speed … The Fall Factor

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