Jigging Equipment to Try for Catching Walleyes in the Fall

Chippewa Flowage Jigging Equipment

Use this Equipment in the Fall for River Walleyes

The Best Fall River Bait

New Shiver Minnow and Cadence

Slow Down Your Baits Fall Speed In a River to Catch More Walleyes

Targeting Late Fall Transition Sauger

Add a Minnow to Bait in Fall to Catch More Sauger

Fishing Tips for Cold River Saugers

The Tools you Need to Effectively Fish Heavy Jigs and Snap Jigs

Strike King Crater Jig Head

Dale Stroschein shares a secret jigging technique with a hair jig

Shiver Minnow Winter Walleyes Jigging Tips

Fall Jig and Minnow Cadence on Steep Breaks

Ice Fishing Jigging Cadence

Ice Fishing Jigging Techniques

Chasing Great Lake Walleyes on the Ice

Calling in Red Lake Walleyes

Change your Cadence Based on the Fishes Mood

Attention to Detail! For your Next Ice Bite!

The Four Basic Ice Fishing Jigging Spoon Techniques Everyone Should Know

Little Bay De Noc Winter Walleye Locations

Showing off New Prototype Jig Head

Using Plastics and Minnows For Fall River Walleyes

Over Looked Leech Lake Fall Walleye Spot

Vertical Jigging in a River with Wind

Fall Jigging Equipment

Late Fall River Walleye Movements

Where to Target Sauger in the Bighorn Canyon in the Fall

Graphing for Lake Trout on a deep Break Line

Jigging on Extremely Sharp Breaks

NEW Strike King Walleye Jigs

Picking a Walleye Ice Rod 

Using the right Equipment for Early Season Jigging on Lake Sakakawea

Adjusting Cadence based on the Mood of the Fish

Fired-Up for Fall Walleyes

Choosing the Best Jig Size in a River Based on Current

Keith Kavajecz Explains How to Modify a Ripple Shad to make it even Better on the Rainy River.

Pitching Jigs: Setup for Success

Pro Tip: Berkley Snap Jigs

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