Vertical Jigging in Still Waters

Vertical Jigging is most often associated with fishing in rivers, but when lake walleyes are locked on very small spots and not in a ‰biting mood‰, this tactic can be productive. Vertical jigging in this situation has two advantages; 1. It allows you to precisely put the bait right in front of the fish and, 2. You can invoke action to the lure to trigger bites from reluctant walleyes. When dealing with lock-jawed walleyes, few actions will trip their trigger more than what‰’s called ‰rocking the jig‰. To do this, get your jig right on the bottom and slowly drag it along until you feel it up against a rock, then slowly and ever-so-slightly lift and let off, lift and let off, being careful not pull the jig over whatever it‰’s up against. The best jig style for this is a semi-stand-up or stand-up style jig. The unique shape of this type of jig allows you to invoke a ‰rocking‰ action to the jig without having it lodged against something on the bottom. It‰’s a subtle action and not easily mastered, but well worth practicing









Bass Pro Shops XPS Walleye Jig


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