Detroit River Walleye Movement Based On Clarity

Why Should I Have More Than One Fishing Rod Ready?

Use a Extra Soft Rod Tip for Vertical Jigging

Different Jigging Cadences for Huge Lake Trout

Fishing Tips for Cold River Saugers

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Change your Cadence Based on the Fishes Mood

Vertical Jigging in a River with Wind

Go Vertical for Spring Walleyes with Artificial Baits

Pitching Jigs: Setup for Success

Fishing a Break Line

What is the best way to successfully fish walleyes on a large river system?

For vertical jigging what is the best weight to use?

What do I do to keep my fireline from spinning on my reel spool?

What size and color of fireline is best for jigging in rivers?

How, if at all, does turn-over affect the walleyes?

What’s a good rod and reel combo for river jigging walleyes?

Would it make a big difference using vanish vs fireline when vertical jigging?

Fishing Tip – Choosing the Right Jig S12E11

Vertical Jigging in Still Waters

Jigging Fall River Walleyes

Vertical Jigging Walleyes

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Sampling Walleye Success

The River Season

Going Vertical

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