Secret Lures for Monster Detroit River Walleyes

Where to Find Detroit River Walleyes in the Muddy Water.

Keith Kavajecz Jigging Cadence on the Detroit River

Go Vertical for Spring Walleyes with Artificial Baits

Is Live Bait Dead?

Trolling Drives Jigging

Adjusting Cadence based on the Mood of the Fish

Choosing the Best Jig Size in a River Based on Current

Berkley RippleShad in Cold Water

What would you consider a good jig selection for fishing both lakes and rivers?

How do we jig without getting snagged?

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Vertical Jigging in Still Waters

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Fall’s Favorite Walleye Patterns

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Solving Reservoir Riddles

A Different Angle On Jigging Walleyes

Curing Walleye Fever

High Water Walleyes


My 2002 Championship Win, Start to Finish, Part 1

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