Pitching Jigs and GULP! on Fall Rivers

With fall on its way and the water cooling down I like to head to the river, Walleyes and Saugers will be strapping on the feedbag. One of my favorite presentations is pitching a light jig and Berkley Gulp to rocky shorelines, wingdams and various other fish holding structures.

Total Solutions Technique

When the water cools down into the 50’s and colder I like to head to the Mississippi River with light jigs with a wide gap hook in the 1/16th-1/8th-3/16thand 1/4oz sizes depending on the current and Berkley Gulp. Use you locator to find wingdams, under water structure and also look for rip rap banks that provide current seams these areas provide a fish a place to hide waiting for bait to float by. Anchor upstream or use your trolling motor to hold you in place then select the correct jig weight that will allow the current to carry it and the bait just across the bottom. A high-vis line is critical it allows you to watch for subtle bites. Cast your bait out to the upper edge of the current seam, and with a subtle lift drop motion allow the bait to work its way across the bottom, any slight tic of the line set the hook.

Total Solutions Equipment

You can tip you jig with live bait but I chose to use Berkley GULP!. The added durability allows you to use the bait over and over and the flavor and scent package make it a dynamite choice. The GULP! Minnow and GULP! Ripple Shad are my go to styles. As for colors I let the conditions dictate the choices (bright colors in dingy water, natural colors in clear water). The GULP! Shaky Shad with its tail will provide a bit more action for the more aggressive fish and the GULP! Baitfish will provide a more subtle action for the less aggressive fish.

For gear, use a rod that allows you to feel the bite but still has some good back bone. A 6’6” to 7′ spinning rod with a Medium/Fast Action, matched with quality light-weight reel is ideal. You want a combo that has a nice light feel and is well balanced.
I spool my outfits with either 8# test Berkley Trilene Sensation in Solar or Berkley FireLine in the new Blaze Orange color or Flame Green. Both lines will allow you to better see the line to help detect bites, and the lower stretch properties of Sensation and FireLine are ideal for helping you feel bites.

GULP! Minnow

GULP! Ripple Shad
Berkley Trilene Sensation
Berkley FireLine


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