Substitute GULP! Goby for Willow Cats on the Mississippi!

Casting to Wing-dams for Summertime River ‘Eyes

Understanding Walleye Trolling Lines

Walleyes on Deep Rock Structure

Weeding Out Walleyes

Trolling Cranks for Suspended Summer Walleyes

Total Solutions – Slow Fall is Deadly Too

Slip Bobbering

Open Water Cranking for Summer Walleyes

Contour Trolling for Post Spawn Walleyes

Shoreline Casting for Reservoir Walleyes


Match the Hatch Trolling for Early Season Walleyes

Spooning for Shallow Water Walleyes

Aggressive Pitching to River Walleyes

Pin-pointing Early Season Walleyes


Deadsticking Winter Walleyes

Quick Strike Your Way To More Winter Pike

Tip Ups and Winter Walleyes

Down-Size for Daytime Mid-Winter Walleyes

Stay Invisible for Winter Walleyes


Search the Weed Lines for First Ice Pike

Jigging Fall River Walleyes

Contour Trolling Walleyes with Lead Core

Total Solutions – Late Fall River Walleyes

Total Solutions – Targeting Big Fall River Walleyes

Pike and Muskie Leaders

Jig Trolling for Finicky Fall Walleyes


Casting for Summer Muskie

Jig Trolling

Mono A Mono for Summer Pike and Muskies

Casting for Reef Walleyes

Trolling Cranks Down Riprap

Fireline Finesse Ice FIshing

Pitching Jigs for Walleyes

In Hot Water

Pitching Jigs and GULP! on Fall Rivers

A Pitch for Weed Walleyes

Bottom Bouncer Rigging

Finesse Rigging for Summer Walleyes

Casting Cranks Along Riprap

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