Spool Up New Line for the New Season

No one should start off a new season with last season‰’s line still on your reels. Since most of the early walleye action seems to be centered on jigging, your spinning tackle should get first priority.

When it comes to lines for jigging, Berkley FireLine in 6 pound test is tough to beat. This no-stretch, thin diameter line (2 pound diameter) features great sensitivity, allowing you to feel every bite.

If you are an angler that prefers monofilament style lines, a good choice for jigging is Berkley Trilene Sensationin 6 or 8 pound test. This stuff is amazing, having very low stretch for great sensitivity, yet it‰’s a soft line that doesn‰’t retain memory like so many similar lines. It‰’s perfect for use on spinning tackle, especially in the cooler temps of early season.

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