What do you use to log your fishing information?

Right now, probably the number one method of logging I use is my GPS. The Lowrance equipment I use (X19c, 104c, Global Map 3000) all take the MMC cards (Multimedia Card). What I like to do is have an MMC card for each lake (often the 8meg ones are plenty) and use it to store all my weigh points for the lake. What I do though is give my weigh points cryptic names (coded names). For example #8 150 FT means I caught a fish on a #8 Shad Rap with 150 feet back – Fire Tiger color. Another example 1+25 HJ BS means one color of segmented lead (for segmented lead I always use a 50 foot leader) with 25 feet of backing let out using a Black and Silver Husky Jerk (obviously the stick bait version because Deep Husky Jerk would be DHJ). Is it the most precise method – no, but it is something I can easily do on the water and coordinate it with the weigh points I am saving. Once I am done on that lake – I upload all the weigh points to my MMC card – ready to download the next time I come back.

Good Luck Walleye Fishing

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