How early in the spring can I start night fishing for walleyes?

You can start as soon as possible, or as soon as it’s legal (depending on your state’s regulations). Fish are often up shallow in the spring looking for warmer water. Since the water temps will most likely be below 50 degrees, slow-troll subtle action stick baits. The seductive actions of these baits really trigger walleyes in cooler water.

Another option is to cast cranks into areas buffeted by wind during the day, or if it’s calm, do it at night. Rip rap shorelines, shallow reefs, and gravel shoals can all be good areas to check out for this presentation. Cranks like Berkley Flicker Shads (size 5,6 & 7) and Berkley Flicker Minnows (size 5&7) are great choices here. These may seem like deep diving baits to be throwing, but work them slow along the bottom for best results.

Good Luck Walleye Fishing,

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