Finding Post Spawn Walleyes on the Francis Case Reservior

How to Choose the Correct Crank Bait for Walleyes

Using Lowrance SideScan to find Rock to Sand Transitions

Keep The Summer Bite Hot

Go Vertical for Spring Walleyes with Artificial Baits

Jim Carrol Explains Walleye Movement on Lake Sakakawea in the Spring

Find the flow, find the walleyes

Donnie Obert explains the Rainy River Spring Walleye Run

Mayday: Water Temperatures

Lake Erie Post Spawn Walleye Locations

MotorGuide Heading Lock for Trolling

Strike King S11 Sunglasses in Cloudy Weather

Light Leaders for Pike

Early Spring Pike Equipment

Early Spring Pike Locations

Chase Parsons Mercury Impeller Change

Move Out To Jig Pigs

Down and Out for Walleye


How early in the spring can I start night fishing for walleyes?

Are jigs good muskie baits in the spring?

What’s the key to early season muskies in wisconsin?

Is there a difference patterning early season muskies in clear water vs murky water?

What’s the best early season muskie lure?


When do muskies spawn?

The Right Place at the Right Time

Is This For Real? The Walleyes Think So!

Crank out a New Spring Walleye Tradition

Total Solutions – Slow Fall is Deadly Too

Contour Trolling for Post Spawn Walleyes

Shoreline Casting for Reservoir Walleyes

Fishing Tip – Post Spawn Walleye Patterns on Western Reservoirs S11E05

Aggressive Pitching to River Walleyes

Pin-pointing Early Season Walleyes

Prepping the Trolling Tools

Fishing Tip – Post Spawn Walleye Fishing on Lake Winnebago S10E05


Power Trolling for Pike

Perfect Pitch for Early Summer Walleyes

Salmo Hornet.jpg

Pitch Count for Walleyes

Weighting for a Great Walleye Bite

Heavy Metal for Heavy Current Walleyes!

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