What features to look for in a sonar/gps combo unit?

the Lowrance LCX-15MT is a great unit with 350 vertical pixels and the “electronic horsepower” to run the pixels. Lowrance LCX-15MTSome of the hardest fish to “see” on any unit are the bottom hugging walleyes. On an X-15, they will show up as “bumps”, or a “widening” of the black line that indicates bottom. You will also clearly see the difference between bait (clouds), fish (black arcs), and Big fish (arcs with gray shading underneath). The X-15 also has Lowrance’s dependable GPS mapping capability, with software that will allow you to custom build maps for the specific areas you fish. The last feature of the Lowrance unit is that they are durable! That is why over 80% of the tournament anglers run Lowrance on the circuit.

Good Luck Fishing

Gary Parsons

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