What colors are best for walleyes and pike in stained water?

Any time I’m dealing with stained water, I’m going to lean toward bright colors like Chartreuse, Fluorescent Red, Lime, etc. Glow-in-the-dark colors have really come on strong the past couple of years, and are tailor made for dark water situations. Those are colors that typically show up better in off-colored water. It’s also a good time to use lures with rattles. Either rattling style crankbaits or by adding rattles to a jig are the most common examples. Spinners tied with rattle beads can also be great producers in stained water. The added noise and vibration can help the fish locate your offering in dingy water. Bright colored spinnerbaits can be dynamite producers for Northern Pike in stained water.

Good Luck Fishing,

Gary Parsons