So what’s the scoop on holographic colors for spinner blades?

Spinner blade color has really come a long way over the past couple of years. Spinner Walleye!I’ve had great results using both Bass Pro’s XPS Walleye Angler Spinner Blades and Northland Fishing Tackle’s Holographic Baitfish-Image spinners. They are easily my “go-to” spinners. My all-time favorite is the Rainbow color, which features blue, green, red and silver. My 2nd favorite is the FireTiger Baitfish color. The FireTiger is a great “dingy water” color, while the Rainbow works better in clear water. The typical rule-of-thumb is use naturalistic colors (those colors that closely resemble live baitfish) in clear water, and brighter colors (chartreuse, green, fluorescent red, etc.) in stained water. The great thing about Holographic colors is that combine both color and flash. Their flashy characteristics get the fish’s attention, and then the color triggers the bite. Crankbaits with Holographic finishes are also a hot ticket right now, for all the same reasons.

Good Luck Walleye Fishing

Keith Kavajecz

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