What do you do if the contour you are trying to troll has the wind is crossing it?

I like to use my kicker in combination with my bow mount. I have been lucky enough to run a MotorGuide PTSv which has depth tracking. So, I set my PTSv to the depth I want to troll in, turn it up just fast enough so that it can keep up with the wind and then use my Mercury Pro Kicker to follow the contour and set my speed.

Now, if you don’t have a PTSv there are still things you can do if you have a Motor Drive bow mount. By motor drive I mean the kind that has an electric motor in it to steer – it is not steered mechanically by cables. If you have a Motor Drive (like the Motorguide Wireless series or Digital Steer – DS engine) you can simple point the electric motor into the wind and adjust the speed to stop the bow from swinging in the wind. Even as you follow the contour, you really don’t have to re-adjust the motor as most of the time you will be heading down the break and the wind will be from the same direction. The motor drive engine is required because it will not wander like a cable drive motor.

Now, once you have a Wireless or DS engine, the next thing to get is a Wireless remote control. This is a little hand held remote that lets you adjust the speed and direction of the motor from anywhere in the boat. So, if you end up turning and going straight into the wind, you can turn up the motor and point it more forward. As you turn back down the break, you can re-adjust again. This is also nice when the wind is a little gusty – you can adjust speed up and down as needed to keep the bow on course.

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Gary Parsons

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