Bio-Jeremy Hinkemeyer


Hometown: Aldrich, MN

Born: St. Cloud, MN

Engaged: Kellie Kane

Interest: Fishing, Hunting, Graphics, Movies, and hanging by the fire pit.
My name is Jeremy Hinkemeyer. I grew up in St Cloud, MN most of my life.  At a young age I was HOOKed on fishing.  I spent many hours on the dock and on the river edge as a kid.  Later in life I went to college for Computer Animation/Graphic Design where I got my degree and have been doing graphic work ever since. My dream as a designer was to always put my work into the outdoors somehow. After college I got offered a position at Intermedia Outdoors working on several TV shows (In-Fisherman, Guns & Ammo, Florida Sportsman, Peterson Hunting, to name a few). I worked there for five years and left them to move in with my girlfriend – now fiancé. Shortly after moving in with her, The Next Bite contacted me looking for my help.  I really enjoy working with 3D design and animations, I don’t consider it a job – I consider it a hobby.

More about me: I live in the country and try getting outdoors as much as I can. I have few acres to play around on and hunt.  Kellie is very supportive on what I all do and she enjoys everything I do. She enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing and spending time with our son.  We fish as much as we can and treat the water as our second home!



2017  1st Place TNB Company Meeting Pond Fishing Tournament