Bio-Jeremy Hinkemeyer


Hometown: Aldrich, MN

Born: St. Cloud, MN

Engaged: Kellie Kane

Interest: Fishing, Hunting, Graphics, Movies, and hanging by the fire pit.
My name is Jeremy Hinkemeyer. I grew up in St Cloud, MN most of my life.  At a young age I was HOOKed on fishing.  I spent many hours on the dock and on the river edge as a kid.  Later in life I went to college for Computer Animation/Graphic Design where I got my degree and have been doing graphic work ever since. My dream as a designer was to always put my work into the outdoors somehow. After college I got offered a position at Intermedia Outdoors working on several TV shows (In-Fisherman, Guns & Ammo, Florida Sportsman, Peterson Hunting, to name a few). I worked there for five years and left them to move in with my girlfriend – now fiancé. Shortly after moving in with her, The Next Bite contacted me looking for my help.  I really enjoy working with 3D design and animations, I don’t consider it a job – I consider it a hobby.

More about me: I live in the country and try getting outdoors as much as I can. I have few acres to play around on and hunt.  Kellie is very supportive on what I all do and she enjoys everything I do. She enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing and spending time with our son.  We fish as much as we can and treat the water as our second home!