Bio-Nathan Follmer


Nathan Follmer is a Digital Media Specialist with The Next Bite. He is the lead developer for web projects, lead programmer for application development and also an assistant editor for The Next Bite television show. He enjoys exploring new web technologies to keep TNB’s online and interactive media projects on the cutting edge and is always looking for, or working on, the next ‘big thing’. Outside of his work with The Next Bite, Nathan is an avid kayak angler, spending most of his free time on the river looking for smallmouth or fly fishing the famous trout streams of Pa.

Nathan started his career in the fishing industry when he created a website showcasing the many fishing opportunities in his home state of Pa. After contacting Pete Maina for a brief interview for his website – The Maina’s hired him on as Pete’s Social Media Coordinator. This relationship then turned into a job at The Next Bite and the rest is history.

Nathan has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and enjoys most working with the talented crew at The Next Bite. “Out of all the people I have worked with over the years, I feel this team is definitely the most innovative and talented.” he says, “I have worked with many different groups including game development studios, ad agencies and other ‘big names’ in the fishing industry – I have never been this excited for the future. This isn’t work, this is too fun to be considered work! There has been so many awesome project to come out of this crew, but you’ve only seen the beginning of what’s possible.”