Creative Process

Creative Process

The Next Bite team works closely with our clients throughout every step of the production process. We push creativity, composition and quality- but also ensure that your branding/sales goals always remain strongly interwoven within the project.

Upfront scripting and pre-production development 

Watch your project evolve, as well as confirm it’s direction and needs- easily and clearly, from the very beginning.

Click HERE to see an actual script from the Abu Garcia Re-Imagine Perfection project


Storyboards and Outlined scripts

See and hear our ideas come to life- prior to committing anything to shooting in the field or in the studio.

Timely rough cut previews of your project as it approaches it’s final editing stages

Watch and interact- as what was once an animated plan on paper, now comes to life during the post-production process.

A final product that everyone can be proud of

With the entire process teaming efficiency through planning with comfortable room for creative growth, everyone wins.



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