Season 15 Air Date and Times 2nd run

These are rerun dates and times. Full Episodes are available on this Website, Youtube, Waypoint Tv, and Amazon prime,

#1 Run & Gun: Saginaw Ice Walleyes

Gary Parsons and guests, Trent Einichner and John Hoyer use Hot Boxes to catch Walleyes through the Saginaw Bay ice.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 4/6/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 4/4/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 4/3/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 4/5/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 4/6/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 4/7/19

#2 Rainy River Walleye Windows

Keith Kavajecz, Trent Einichner and Donnie O’Bert brave the elements to take advantage of the short window of congealing conditions, to pitch Ripple Shads for big, river Walleye.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 4/13/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 4/11/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 4/10/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 4/12/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 4/13/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 4/14/19

#3 Ice Trolling Walleyes on Little Bay de Noc

Keith Kavajecz, Chase Parsons and Korey Sprengel use a developing technique of “ice trolling” along with shivering structure to catch Little Bay de Noc Walleyes

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 4/20/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 4/18/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 4/17/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 4/19/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 4/20/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 4/21/19

#4 Cold, Deep & Clear: Fall Minnesota Walleyes

Gary Parsons and guest, Drake Herd explore the Alexandria, MN area for jigging fat, fall fish. Sonar searching structure for walleyes on the drops in clear water lakes.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 4/27/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 4/25/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 4/24/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 4/26/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 4/27/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 4/28/19

#5 Giant Walleyes of the Great Lakes

Chase Parsons, Tommy Kemos, and Gary Parsons crush the giant smelt filled Walleyes of the Great Lakes on Shiver Minnows

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 5/4/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 5/2/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 5/1/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 5/3/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 5/4/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 5/5/19

#6 Contour Trolling Structure for Walleye

Keith Kavajecz and Walleye pro Jim Carroll demonstrate a universal system for contour trolling Walleyes using crank baits on structure.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 5/11/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 5/9/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 5/8/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 5/10/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 5/11/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 5/12/19

#7 Drop Shot Walleyes!

Gary Parsons, and Jason Przekurat use the Bass based technique of Drop-Shotting to catch Walleyes, on Northern Wisconsin Lakes.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 5/18/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 5/16/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 5/15/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 5/17/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 5/18/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 5/19/19

#8 Casting Summertime Big Water Muskies

Chase Parsons, John Hoyer and Korey Sprengel dissect Leech Lake structure, in late summer, for nomadic monster muskies.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 5/25/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 5/23/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 5/22/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 5/24/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 5/25/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 5/26/19

#9 Wicked Saugers at Bighorn

Keith Kavajecz and friend Mike Martin conjures up some of the biggest Sauger TNB has ever seen while under the sheer cliff walls Bighorn Canyon in Montana.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 6/1/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 5/30/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 5/29/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 5/31/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 6/1/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 6/2/19

#10 Jigging for Migrating Reservoir Walleye

Keith Kavajecz and Jim Carroll use “the ugliest walleye bait ever” to jig up migrating Walleye on Lake Sakakawea.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 6/8/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 6/6/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 6/5/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 6/7/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 6/8/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 6/9/19

#11 Great Lakes Winter Eyes’

Chase Parsons and guest, Brian Daun brave the cold of early winter to search for suspended Lake Erie Walleye.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 6/15/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 6/13/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 6/12/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 6/14/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 6/15/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 6/16/19

#12 Shallow Water Structure for Montana Lake Trout

Keith Kavajecz and Montanan Mike Martin use walleye trolling tactics to catch huge shallow water Lake Trout on Fort Peck in Montana.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 6/22/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 6/20/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 6/19/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 6/21/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 6/22/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 6/23/19

#13 “Rock”-ing Late Fall Walleyes

Chase Parsons and Tom Kemos demonstrate late fall, jigging techniques for walleye and sauger on The Rock River in Wisconsin.

CBS – Saturday 07:30am eastern 6/29/19
NBCSCH+ Thursday 12:00pm central 6/27/19
Wed 9:30am eastern 6/26/19
Fri 9:00pm eastern 6/28/19
Sat 3:00am eastern 6/29/19
Sun 5:30pm eastern 6/30/19