What’s the best set-up on the lowrance x-15mt to get the best performance?

Lowrance’s X-15MT is a great fish finding unit. With 350 vertical pixels it can easily pick up even bottom hugging walleyes – but at times you might have to make some manual adjustments to read in difficult situations. For the X-15 I like to run my Grayline a little higher than on the LMS-350A – usually about 50%. The nice thing about a unit with a good Grayline is that you will be able to pick out larger fish by seeing a wider arc. For chart speed, I have yet to find a unit or situation that I don’t run the chart at Max speed. Sensitivity is the tricky setting. What I like to do is adjust the sensitivity as high as it can go without blacking out the screen. Even if some of the top of the screen is blackened (surface clutter), that is sometimes necessary to pick out the “bumps” on the bottom that are often walleyes. One other setting I play with is the Ping Speed. Typically I use 75% – sometimes 50% is better, sometimes 100% is better – and there are no rules of thumb to say which is best – just have to experiment in each body of water.