Changing Trebles on Cranks

With today‰’s high tech hooks that are available replacing the trebles on crankbaits can be a wise move for several reasons. First, depending on manufacturer some hooks that are factory installed are “bulk” hooks that lack some of the sharpness and durability of next generation hooks produced today. Simply changing a stock hook can increase the odds of hooking up and landing fish that take a crack at your baits. Second, through normal wear and tear hooks on crankbaits often become dull or worse yet, bent out of shape. A slightly bent crankbait hooks can cause a lure to run differently and make replicating success with that lure difficult. Finally, changing hook sizes can change how a lure behaves in your favor. Some lures run well at low speeds and other behave well at higher speeds. By changing hook sizes you can change the action of a crankbait. For example, if you have a high action lure that runs well at low speeds but “blows out” at higher speeds simply switching to a larger hook will often tighten the baits wobble enough to allow faster running speeds. Playing around with different styles like Mustad‰’s Triple Grip can often pay dividends. There are more reasons for changing hooks on crankbaits make sure to give your baits a change if it makes sense.