Choosing the Right Oil for Your Outboard

Not all engines manufacture oils are the same. Yes, this has been a very common topic over the years. Let us take a look at the oil which Mercury Marine recommends for use in the Opti Max engines. The formula is a synthetic blend formulated to function with the High Tech Opti-Max design. One of the main advantages to this formula is its ability to leave little or no by-products behind which could hinder the overall performance of the engine.

This is just one example of the importance to use the Manufactures recommended oil. Match the oil you use to your engine. There are formulas specifically designed for 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke engines, so be sure you’re using the right one. Manufactures spend a great deal of time and money in the research and design of their lubrication products and trying to save money by using a “bargain” brand could end up costing you much more down the road.