Fish Shallow for Walleyes

Walleyes are known to hold in relatively deep water, especially by mid-summer. But this doesn‰’t mean you can‰’t catch them in shallow water year round. Even when walleyes are holding in deeper water, they will still sneak onto a shallow flat to feed on baitfish.

On windy days it‰’s not a bad idea to fish right against a wind-blown bank. Baitfish get blown in shallow, plus the wind can reduce water visibility, meaning walleyes move shallower to track prey easier. Same concept applies to dark or stained water: you can find fish shallower, and you don‰’t have to worry as much about spooking them.

Walleyes often move shallow to feed, so when you find them in shallow water they‰’re more aggressive. Another advantage to fishing shallow spots is the majority of fisherman associate walleyes with deep water. Walleyes in shallow water face considerable less pressure than walleyes in deeper water.