Slip Bobbers

Most walleye fans know that slip bobbers are great anytime walleyes are concentrated on structure such as a rock pile. But they’re also lethal weapons in mid- to late summer, when the tops of cabbage and other weeds reach the surface, making it tough to pitch and swim jigs in pockets in the cover.

Total Solutions Technique

Weeds and walleyes!I cast my float rig into an open pocket and let it sit until the rings from the splashdown disappear. Then I jig it up and down to attract attention. When a fish hits, I let the float go under until it’s out of sight, while I reel down and load up the rod. Then I set the hook and keep reeling, to get the fish out of the weeds and headed for the surface.

Total Solutions Equipment

I use a 7-foot Berkley Cherrywood HD spinning rod, The long, medium-light graphite rod is perfect for jigging the bait beneath the float, and has enough backbone to get the fish out of cover fast. I match it with an Abu Garcia Cardinal SX spinning reel balances with the rod, has a flawless drag, and the right gear ratio helps me get the fish moving toward the boat.

Clear/Gold Vanish Fluorocarbon is my line choice because I can see it above the surface—so I can steer the rig around tree limbs or other cover—and it disappears in the water so the fish can’t see it. Six- to 8-pound test is plenty heavy, thanks to its abrasion resistance; as a bonus, its smooth so it casts well and slides through the eye of the float without hanging up (a big plus when jigging in place).

On the business end of the line, I often tie on a size 4 or 6 Tru-Turn Bleeding Bait hook and tip it with a leech, minnow or ‘crawler. Sometimes I swap out the hook for a jig. I’ll experiment with a 1/32- or 1/16-ounce Northland round-head jig, a 1/16-ounce spoon-type jig, and horizontal-hanging leadheads in the same weight class. If the presentation needs a little extra flash, I try a Whistler Jig, which has a little propeller on it.

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Berkley Cherrywood HD spinning rod

Abu Garcia® Cardinal® SX

Berkley® Vanish®


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