Sometimes Three-Ways Are the Right Way for Walleyes

Many anglers take advantage of the classic ‰runs‰ of walleyes in rivers throughout North America. During this cool water period most anglers opt for the old jig and minnow standby. While jigs are an effective choice there are times when a well presented three-way rig with a shallow running crankbait like Storm‰’s Junior Thunderstick or Rapala‰’s Original Floating Minnow or Husky Jerk will out produce the old standby jig and minnow. In areas that receive heavy jig and minnow traffic simply changing the direction of your presentation

with a three-way rig can trigger more fish to bite. Walleyes that have become accustomed to a steady procession of vertical jigging can be triggered by a three-way and crankbait heading in the opposite direction. Start out with a leader length of about 3-4 feet and a drop line of about 8-12 inches to your sinker. Sinker weight will vary depending on depth or current speed. Generally 2-3 ounce bell sinkers will do the trick. The next time you are out fishing a river and the fish appear to slow down on jigs give the fish a change of direction to trigger more bites.