Chippewa Flowage Jigging Equipment

Proper Equipment for Casting Jigs at Walleyes in the Sand

Jigging VS Casting Equipment and Rod Choice

Equipment Needed To Fish Hair Jigging

Gary Parsons Small Mouth Equipment

Three Way Rig Equipment

Bass Pro Shops Prodigy Trolling Rods Review

Bass Pro Shops Prodigy Spinning Rods Review

Lake Trout Ice Fishing Rod Set-Up

The Tools you Need to Effectively Fish Heavy Jigs and Snap Jigs

The Equipment you Need to Cast Hair Jigs on Green Bay

Keith Kavajecz Jigging Cadence on the Detroit River

Where to Find Detroit River Walleyes in the Muddy Water.

Secret Lures for Monster Detroit River Walleyes

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Using a Flatline Trolling Rod

Fall Jigging Equipment

Gary Parsons Explains Where to Look for Great Lakes Walleyes During the Summer

The Right Equipment for Casting Shiver Minnows for Giant Walleyes

Equipment for Casting Crank Baits

Adjusting Cadence based on the Mood of the Fish

Spawn Time March Madness

Choosing the Best Jig Size in a River Based on Current

Keith Kavajecz explains Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Series Trolling Rods.

Pitchin’ Big Pounders for Muskie

How to Cast a Shiver Minnow

Keith Kavajecz on his Top Ten at NWT

Lowrance Backtrack

Bi-Directional Power-Pole Charge System

Keith Kavajecz Choice of Reel For Jigging in a River

Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Rods

Keith Kavajecz Jig Set for Walleye Fishing

Move Out To Jig Pigs

What’s the best way to connect leadcore line to leaders and backing?

Is using split-shot weights normally the standard in trolling crawler harnesses?

Fishing line shelf life?

What characteristics make a good spinning rod and reel outfit for walleye fishing?

What are the best baitcasting outfits for walleye fishing?

How do I keep my rods from tangling?

Where can I get some good live bait rigging rods with fast tips?

What’s your favorite flicker shad color?

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