Fishing from the Back of the Boat in a River

What is the best way to successfully fish walleyes on a large river system?

What do I do to keep my fireline from spinning on my reel spool?

What’s the best line to use for pitching jigs?

Fishing Tip – Shivering on Last Mountain Lake S12E09

Fishing Tip – Pitching and Dragging Jigs S12E06

Fishing Tip – GULP Pitching for Walleyes S11E05

Fishing Tip – Locating Walleyes on SD Reservoirs for Pitching S11E05

Fishing Tip – Fishing a Vertical Drop S11E06

Fishing Tip – Fishing Shiver Minnows for Fall Walleyes S11E06

Aggressive Pitching to River Walleyes

Perfect Pitch for Early Summer Walleyes

Fishing Tip – Breaking Down a Bog – The Next Bite Season #9 Episode #3


One-Two Punch: Wrangle ‘Eyes with Shiners (Part One-When & Where)

Go Green

While fishing with the author these two anglers doubled up on season walleyes.

Rock Solid Weed Walleye Patterns

Pitching Jigs – Walleyes


Casting Jigs for Prespawn Great Lakes Walleyes

Jigworm Walleyes

Top Tips for Nailing Early Season Walleyes

The Digs on Walleye Jigs

Pushing Fish to the Limit

King of the Beasts

Making a Pitch for Spring Walleyes


Three Step Winter River Walleyes — Part 3

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