New Shiver Minnow and Cadence

Use a Mix of Fishing Lures While Vertical and Casting To Find Active Fish

Keith Kavajecz explaining his Lake of the Woods Shiver Minnow Cadence

How to Effectively Fish a Shiver Minnow for Walleyes

Season 16 Episode 12: Return to Last Mountain: Summer Shiver Minnow Structure Fishing

The Correct Equipment for Pitching Jigs and Casting Shiver Minnows

Narrowing down Shiver Minnow Colors for Walleyes

Shiver Minnow Winter Walleyes Jigging Tips

Calling in Red Lake Walleyes

Attention to Detail! For your Next Ice Bite!

Over Looked Leech Lake Fall Walleye Spot

Finally, It is Shiver Time

Shiver Minnow Cadence on Leech Lake in the Fall

Following the Water Temperature to Catch Walleyes on Lake Huron Structure

Gary Parsons Explains Where to Look for Great Lakes Walleyes During the Summer

The Right Equipment for Casting Shiver Minnows for Giant Walleyes

How Wind Driven Current Positions Walleyes on Structure

How to Store Shiver Minnows to Extend Life of the Bait

Own the Transition

Fishing Tip: Shiver Minnow Equipment

How to Cast a Shiver Minnow

What Line to Choose for Casting Shiver Minnows on the Great Lakes

Importance of Leaders on Your Glidebaits

Differences in Glidebaits

Glidebait Cadences

Fishing Tip: Changing out Treble Hooks on the Shiver Minnow for Open Water

Fishing Tip: Casting Shiver Minnow Cadence

Fishing Tip: Vertical Jigging with Shiver Minnows

Shiver Minnow Cadence

Northwest Angle Jigging Cadence for Ice Walleyes

What are the best ice fishing lures for jigging up walleyes?

Fishing Tip – Getting the Right Cadence S12E13

Fishing Tip – Equipment for Shivering S12E09

Fishing Tip – Shivering on Last Mountain Lake S12E09

Fishing Tip – Ice Fishing Jigging Cadence S12E03

Shivering Summer Walleyes

Fishing Tip – Fishing the Shiver Minnow in Open Water S11E08

Fishing Tip – Using the Right Gear for the Shivering Tactic S11E08

Fishing Tip – Modifying a Shiver Minnow for Open Water Fishing S11E08

Fishing Tip – Fishing a Vertical Drop S11E06

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