Vanish Makes $90,000 Appear

I added $90,000 to my bank account because of Berkley Vanish fishing line. Winning the PWT Super Pro on Cass Lake in Minnesota a few Septembers ago was the highlight of my walleye career, and the lessons I learned from that experience will help others to improve their fishing in clear-water conditions.

Total Solutions Technique

Working a fairly steep break that ran along the lake’s north end, I concentrated on the 20 to 40 foot depths, occasionally sliding to 50 feet for a few fish. Interesting, I punched in icons whenever I moved over fish. After awhile, the hotspots were so consistent; I didn’t have to add to the 60-plus icons already on the screen. If they were biters, they bit, if not, I turned and ran over them again. It required a 90-second wait after a bite before setting the hook.

Using Fluorocarbon leaders of five to seven feet, behind a 14-pound test mainline, and one or two ounce slip sinkers, I was confident that when I crossed their path, I could catch them. I switched bait between Red Tails to 6-inch Creek Chubs to nightcrawlers. If I passed through fish that wouldn’t hit one, I re-baited and drag a different bait in front of them. Remaining as vertical as possible was important. The same holds true for depths. At 20-feet on top, on down the side, I ran parallel to the break until I ran out of fish, and then moved up or down with my bow mount trolling motor. Holding exactly on hotspots in the wind keyed this victory.

Total Solutions Equipment

The heavier sinkers and nature of the bite required me to hand- hold the rod so I had optimum feel and response.  I found a 7-foot medium-heavy baitcast rod worked best considering the size sinkers I needed to use to stay over the fish.  Abu Garcia Ambassadeur CS Pro Rocket reels made the job easy with their smooth, reliable operation and dependable drag.  I spooled these reels up with 14 pound test Berkley FireLine(Smoke color) as a main line, and used 10 pound test Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon as the leader material. The FireLine offered great sensitivity since it’s a no-stretch line, and the Vanish Fluorocarbon is an ideal leader material because it’s tough and virtually invisible under water.

Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® CS Pro Rocket

Berkley® FireLine®

Berkley® Vanish® Leader Material


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