Which Leader When…

When fishing for the esox species, the last connection between your line and lure is the leader. Using the right leader can not only increase your catch rate but also help to avoid fouling problems.

Basically, there are two types of wire leaders. The solid or singlestrand which offers little or no flex, and the multiple strand which is flexible. Which one to use depends largely on the type of bait being used.

The singlestrand wire is the best choice for any “stop and go” baits. Lures that fall into this catagory include topwaters, jerks and glide baits among others. The reason is actually very simple. Using a glide bait as an example, imagine the action of the bait. As you jerk the bait, it glides forward. If a flexible leader is used with a glider, it will oftentimes catch up to the leader and become entangled in it. However, with the stiffer singlestrand, the lure will push the leader out in front of it and no fouling occurs.

The multiple strand leader is better suited for fishing lures that have a mostly continuous action and retrieve. Spoons and cranks are two examples. The flexibility allows for more action from the lure than the singlestrand and will result in more bites.